Running to support Bowel Cancer charities

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Hello, I'm Neil, a Britsh expat who has lived and worked in Belgrade, Serbia, since 2006.
I ran the London Marathon (26 April 2015) just over 6 months after completing chemotherapy, and have run many races since then.

In January 2014 I was diagnosed with a large tumour, and subsequently Stage III bowel cancer.
Until the start of August I received chemotherapy in Belgrade.
I know what it's like, so please believe me when I say it's not nice, for the individual, or their family.

However, I will get through it and be up demonstrate through my own running challenges that one can get over such a life-changing event.

Please help me help bowel/colon cancer charities help others to also get through it.

Why am I doing this?

Reason #1

Raising money to help support bowel cancer charities with their great work in supporting those with this disease.

Reason #2

Raising the awareness of bowel cancer. I knew so little about this form of cancer before contracting it. In hindsight getting screened earlier would have helped. There is a lot of information on the Bowel Cancer UK site.

Reason #3

Show that you can get through this, get back a normal-type life and then do something like run major running events.


Currently donations can be given in cash only for my events.
The latest event planned is a social fundraiser at The Three Carrots Pub on Wednesday 28 September 2016. There will be a raffle and special drinks. Whilst people are enjoying themselves I will run a half-marathon, in the pub, on a treeadmill - because I can.

In addition this year I raised 63.000 dinars for the 63 km covered during the Palic half-marathon and Belgrade marathon,
i.e. 500 din per 500 m. The aim was to have 126 supporters, thus achieving the target. This target was achieved.

In addition to local monies raised online donations (from previous events - these cannot be donated to now) at:
London Marathon JustGiving Page
London Marathon Virgin Money Giving Page
Ring O'Fire JustGiving Page


So apart from online donations how else what's going on?

From August 2014 to April 2015 there were a series of events, some private, most public, with the aim of raising monies, from which I was given a charity place in the London Marathon.
At monies rasied went to help bowel cancer charities :-)

Have a look at the Events Page for more details of ALL the events that have been held, including the posters, and links to pictures of the events.

  • August

    Event launch month, kicking off in a local pub. More here...

  • September

    September saw a fundraising event at the Canadian Embassy's Club. More here...

  • October

    There was a Quiz on one night followed by a Book Sale the next day. More here...
    I ran the Ljubljana half-marathon on 26 Oct as part of my training. More here...

  • November

    November saw a concert in Ruma at the start of the month, and then a gala dinner at the end of the month. More here...

  • December

    December saw a Table top Sale at the British International Primary School. More here...

  • March

    March saw a special meal at Swad - Taste of India restaurant. More here...

  • April

    We ran the Belgrade Marathon Day's 5K Fun Run. Then there was a Send-off party in the 3 Carrots Pub. More here...

  • May

    In May we will have a stall at the British International School's "International Charity Festival" promoting the Ring O' Fire event and raising awareness of bowel cancer in Serbia. More here...

  • June

    In June in the centre of Ruma there will be a Family Funday and Supreme Quiz, organised by the Belgrade Foreign Visitor's Club, with someof the proceeds going to this charity. More here...


The purpose of this project is to help others.
All monies raised will be donated to charities involved with bowel cancer, namely...

Bowel Cancer UK   Udruženje pacijenata obolelih od raka debelog creva i jetre   EuropaColon

Sponsors / Supporters

It's not just about direct donations (though they're always welcome). Companies also help by sponsoring things that are needed for this project (maybe a physical item, or maybe their time) or by donating items, such as for a raffle.

VARiHOST 3P Learning AdTelly logo
Education Umbrella  Betex  Komshe

BGFVC Club tel 0641139516 fotogko@yahoo.com English Book site

RDB Consulting 


I started fundraising on 27 August 2014, and from then until the London Marathon on 26 April 2015 I raised just over £4,170.
For the second fundraising race, the Ring O' Fire I raised just under £670 through this event.
For the third fundraising races (Palic and Belgrade) I raised my target of 63.000 RSD (~£400 / ~€516) for the 63 km of these races.

The total so far raised is £5,250 (~€6,800 / ~825.000 RSD),
August 2014 to April 2016.

Thank you for all your support!



Email: neil4bc@gmail.com

Why not also take a look at my blog: neil4bc.wordpress.com