Running to support Bowel Cancer charities


Hello, I'm Neil, a Britsh expat who has lived and worked in Belgrade, Serbia, since 2006.
I ran the London Marathon in April 2015, just over 6 months after completing chemotherapy for bowel cancer.

This July (2018) I am trying a new running challenge, my biggest yet,
the "Carphone Warehouse Race to the Stones", a 100 km run
along the Ridgeway, the oldest path in England - this is the route:
Race to the Stones route
My countdown page is here.


In January 2014 I was diagnosed with a large tumour, and subsequently Stage III bowel cancer.
After major surgery, from March 2014 until that August I received chemotherapy in Belgrade.
I know what it's like, so please believe me when I say it's not nice, for the individual, or their family.

To date (May 2018), all the tests have come back clear.

Please help me help bowel/colon cancer charities help others to also get through it.


So apart from online donations what else has gone on?

From August 2014 to April 2015 there were many events, some private, most public, with the aim of raising monies,
as I had a charity place in the London Marathon.
All monies raised went to help bowel cancer charities.
See the Events Page for more details/posters of ALL the events (up to September 2016)
that have been held, with links there to photos at these events.


The purpose of all these activities is to help others.
All monies raised will be (or have been) donated to charities involved with bowel cancer, namely...

Bowel Cancer UK   Udruženje pacijenata obolelih od raka debelog creva i jetre   EuropaColon

Amount Raised

I started fundraising in August 2014, and from then until the London Marathon in April 2015 I raised £4,170.
For the "Ring O' Fire" ultra in September 2016 I raised £670.
For the Palic and Belgrade half/full marathons in 2017 I raised 63.000 RSD
(~£400 / ~€516 which was 1,000 RSD for each of the 63 km of these 2 races).
For the "Firelighter" ultra in 2017 I raised £576.

The total so far raised is around £5,820
(~€6,650 / ~785.000,00 RSD as at May 2018),
from August 2014 to September 2017.

Thank you for all your support!

For the current, the Race to the Stones Challenge (#RTTS), I have raised £425
(as at May 2018 - not included in total above)
- please help increase this total with a donation on my JustGiving page.